09 April 2012

General Snus New 2012 US Markets Announced. 9 April 2012

Heads up, folks. General is pushing more into the US with their products designed for the American market - General Snus Nordic Mint & Classic Blend. Coming to "New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Denver, Nashville and throughout the state of Ohio..." according to this article on MarketWatch.com. Swedish Match told us this was coming when Nash and I were in New York in February for the 2012 Snus Summit, and I've been looking forward to it ever since. With the work Rick Charles (Northerner) has been doing along with Swedish Match's efforts to push into the US market, people in the US are going to be able to get their hands on REAL suns much more easily and not the shitty American knock-offs like Camel, Marlboro and Skoal. If you want to find where to find General Snus near you - check out the store locator at http://generalsnus.com/Locator/WhereToBuy/.

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