07 December 2011

An end to the EU snus ban? Possibly! 7 December 2011.

Folks in the EU have been dealing with the snus ban for quite some time now, and latey with the addition of the EU Mail Ban, it has seemed like there is no end in sight. It's been an uphill battle for everyone - from the casual user to the more hardcore harm reduction advocates, the website Europeans For Snus, started by Christofer Fjellner, has gathered almost 7,000 signatures on their petition and many others have been trying to get the EU's attention in various other ways. An article today in Reuters has shined a little hope on the situation. Even in light of the EU being accused of hiding support for snus, there may still be hope! Trade minister Ewa Bjorling has met with EU Health Commissioner John Dalli and discussed this matter and apparently they're going to take another look at snus in time for a new tobacco products law during the spring of 2012. If the EU would take a serious look at snus and how it's affected the health of snus users in Sweden they would easily be able to conclude this is a much safer alternative and would promote a better public health policy for tobacco users in the EU as well. It is my hope that folks in the EU will soon be able to have easy access to the safest form of tobacco without having to jump hurdles to get it as they do now.

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  1. What would you expect from a group that says you can't advertise drinking water as a cure for dehydration?