Vikinga Snus Review (Discontinued). 23 November 2011.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

"Tobacco with a taste of Red Bull." I mean, how can you go wrong with that? Well - put the snus into the dryest form imaginable, for one. This snus is made by Snusbrucket/TillCE/Oomph - I don't know what they're actually called now. The snus comes in one of their usual cans, with the lid that opens on the top and a tiny catch compartment on the other side of it. The aroma of this snus is terrible, I just want to throw that out there. I opened the can and whew, it was bad. It inspired a head shake and everything.

That being said, if you can get past the smell and put the snus in your lip - it's actually not bad. It has a little tingle and a cool, refreshing taste. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what they were going for, but it's not too bad. The portions are quite small so I had to double up on them. The description on says "Put three under your lip and anything is possible." I put in two and got a surprising kick. It takes a bit for it to come on - as these are purified portions and they also take a little time to moisten up as well, they're more dry than Camel/Marlboro, which is quite a feat to accomplish! So the dryness and the horrible odor aside - the snus itself isn't bad, has a decent taste and a little energy kick to it to - which would make it something I would reorder, as I've been on a quest for another energy snus since my morning Elixyr snus has been discontinued.


  1. Interesting! Never tried this one. What's the nicotine content?

  2. That I don't know, it's not listed anywhere.

  3. 3 - 6 mg per portion it looks like

  4. its 6mg and he write right - its dry, first filling is that is a bad snus... after you try you gona love it!


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