Snus2 - a webstore serving the EU. 23 November 2011.

I've been getting to know the folks over at Snus2 lately and wanted to write a little article about their shop. When I was in Sweden I wanted to go by, as from the pictures I've seen it seems like the Snus Mecca, but alas - they were closed the day that I was to visit and I didn't get to indulge myself in snus paradise. Snus2 also operates a webshop and has a huge category of brands, and are also a store serving the EU.

I can't imagine a day will ever come that I see something this beautiful in the US, but a guy can dream. If you're in Sweden, stop in at their shop in Goteborg and check it out, it's a pretty big place with a huge selection. Their webshop carries through their store catalog with a large variety of smokeless offerings. All the folks working there are super cool and dedicated to pleasing their customers - you can reach them by phone or email anytime you have a problem, so if you're a customer looking to try something new or someone in the EU wanting to get access to a large selection of snuses - pop in at and place an order.

Image from inside the Snus2 store.


  1. Fy fan helvete!! I think I need to pay this place a visit on my next trip over :D This is snus heaven.


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