23 November 2011

Kapten Hansson - BULK! 23 November 2011.

I've been writing a lot lately on how to save money with snus prices on the rise - and this bulk kit of White Portion snus is a good way to do that. For around $15.25 USD you can get a 200gram supercan of snus - which is around 8-9 full cans of snus. You just have to supply the empty cans, as this massive can isn't very pocket friendly. Snus2.se describes Kapten Hannson as "White portion snus with taste of tobacco and bergamot (similar to General White Portion). Economical bulk pack of 200 grams of snus."

The snus portions are a little dryer than the usual white portion - they remind me of General Smooth or V2's SnusX portion kit. The taste is a classic Swedish taste - tobacco with hints of citrus and a little salt balance in the background. Not bad but not great - kinda "meh". If you're looking for a classic Swedish taste that comes in a bulk package - this is a good option, and a great way to save money. I, however, don't mind spending the few extra bucks to get other snuses - but that's just me. Check out the Snus2 webstore - they have many products that come in bulk - original, white, loose, etc.

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