05 October 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs. 5 Oct 2011.

IGN.com shared this image on their Facebook page earlier tonight, and I found it very touching. If you're an Apple-hater, or a Android fanboy - you might want to avoid teh interwebz for the next few days because this is Steve's time. The outpouring of respect for Steve Jobs has been truly touching. I am an Apple fanboy, I have no qualms about that - it is the truth. And though this isn't the usual article I write, I felt like it was something I should write. Snubie.com, QuitSmokingWithSnus.com, GoSmokeless.org and our YouTube Channel are all made possible by Apple products - MacBook, iPhone, iPad, OSX, etc. Steve Jobs truly made being creative a simple but personal thing. Steve Jobs was a true visionary - he brought the future to the present and made the computer experience truly personal by bridging the gap between software and hardware and creating "the experience". Simple, clean, sleek, efficient, functional - all words that can be used to describe Apple products. Since making the switch from PC to Mac years ago, I've found my life to be a lot better off - I've heard it said once "Using a PC is like walking around in your life with a 500 pound gorilla on your back 24/7, switching to Mac removes the gorilla." It couldn't be more true. Every product Apple has created with Steve Jobs' genius and vision behind it has been designed to enhance the personal experience with technology and show us all that computers and related products aren't just for the geek, the fanboy, the gamer, the business man, the housewife, or the student - they're for us all. His impact is truly felt around the world and he will be missed. Thank you Steve, for all your contributions to the world around you.

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