Phantom Brown Los - Review (Discontinued). 1 October 2011.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

This is a review I've been wanting to do for quite some time now. And I'm finally getting around to it!  The product description for Phantom Classic Brown says, "....a snus with traditional snus aromas and a robust flavor of pure tobacco and smoke aroma. Smooth round taste." So let's get to it.

This snus is one I've never had before so I've been interested to see how it differed from Classic Loose. The aroma of this snus is a kinda earthy, peat type aroma. It has a "dirty" quality to the aroma, it's hard to explain. The taste is pretty interesting. It takes a little while to develop but once it kicks in, it's quite good. It has a pure tobacco flavor with a little salt balance, much like a Grovsnus, but with a lingering smoky quality like I've detected in the past in the Lucky Strike line. All these elements are present but quite mild. The flavor of this snus doesn't stand out, but the mild amounts of it that exist bring it together in a pretty enjoyable little package.