09 October 2011

Grov (Original Portion) - Review. 9 October 2011.

I'm a big fan of General Snus - it's 80-90% of my daily snus usage. However, I know many people who are just as die hard with Grov as I am with General. It's definitely a brand that people connect with and are loyal with. The product description describes Grov Original as, A Classic, well-rounded and robust tobacco character with hints of leather but still a certain lightheartedness. The classic Grov snus flavor, now as full-sized 1g-portion with 24g Tobacco weight per can!"

One thing I really love about Grov is the can.  It's a very manly looking can.  Bold black letters on a rugged brown background.  This is the kind of product I imagine a Swedish construction worker carrying with him.  It definitely stands out and speaks for itself.

When you open a can of Grov Original Portion, the aroma comes out almost immediately. It's a very powerful tobacco smell with just a little bit of pepper. The one gram portions are very plump and comfortable in the lip. They have a great amount of moisture, a quick release of flavor, and a rich taste. The flavor is a very rich, robust and bold tobacco flavor. There's just a little hint of pepper in the background and a little salt, but that's about it. It's a very simple but powerful flavor.  I know a lot of dippers who come over from American dip to Swedish Snus really enjoy this product because it's a powerful flavored tobacco centric snus, and it appeals to people who like a bold look and a bold taste.  I prefer this one over the white portion format because I believe to fully appreciate Grov you have to experience it with the most pronounced flavor.  Granted, Grov Los has more flavor, but if you're going for portions, you can't beat Grov Original.


  1. Grov snus all the way! There's nothing better than a nice "portion" Grov and nice cold beer.

  2. Grov portion is the best snus ever. I have used since i was 13, now im 45. And im glad im living in Sweden where i can but it in every store that sells tobacco.