30 September 2011

Swedish Match products being rebranded. 30 September 2011.

The Nick & Johnny family is going to be getting a makeover in the coming month - around the October/November timeframe. Nick & Johnny Strong White is being rebranded "White Heat" (which coincidentally was my name on the basketball courts growing up, I wonder if Swedish Match did this in my honor?), Nick & Johnny Original Portion is being rebranded "Original Edge" and Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice is staying the same - Crushed Ice. I was surprised by the news because my original theory thought that Below Zero was a rebranded N&J Crushed Ice, but apparently Crushed Ice is here to stay. You can find more pics of the new cans at the bottom of this blog post.

Recently, General Sterk was rebranded to General Strong White. One can only ponder the reasons for this - but it's my belief that as snus is becoming more well known around the world, the term "Sterk" isn't as effective as the word "Strong". Swedish Match seems to be rebranding more products as such, now with General Long Sterk being rebranded General Long Strong. This will be going down in the October-November time frame. I've cast my vote for General Ekstra Sterk to be renamed "General Super Strong", but I doubt that will happen. It would be cool though.

Speaking of snus, check out this music video. They actually mention snus by name and one of the guys has on a sick General beanie.

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