20 August 2011

Sleeping with snus. 20 August 2011.

I get quite a few emails about this topic, and several Google inquiries look for it as well, so I thought I'd write about it. One of the most common questions I get asked is, "Can I sleep with snus in?" or "What happens if I accidentally fall asleep with a snus in?" I've slept with a snus in every night since I started. I wouldn't suggest doing it with a strong portion (as it can lead to headache I've observed) or an American "SNUS" (as their taste can get REALLY bad after about 30 minutes, and that's not something you want to wake up to), but a regular 8mg snus or a mini can lead to some pretty interesting dreams! That's the best part about sleeping with a snus in, it always leads to some very interesting dreams. Another concern I've heard addressed, "Will I swallow snus if I sleep with it in?" I've never swallowed one - and I've fallen asleep with lossnus (not suggested) in before. Portionssnus is a much safer bet. Try it out if you haven't - and enjoy! The best part? It's not like falling asleep with a cigarette, which can lead to a much different result.


  1. For a very long time, I was doing this about once a week. It is very psychedelic! Being that it is always very very easy for me to remember my dreams. I only do it about once a week though, because when I do this, I am very groggy the entire day.

  2. I sleep with snus very often. It doesn't matter if it's portioned or loose (but portioned especially white is the best, cuz it works longer and still got taste - when i sleep i don't produce too much saliva).
    I agree, that dreams are more intensive, psychodelic :D and You can remember them better.
    Forgive me my English, but it's not my primary language.
    Sweet dreams.