25 August 2011

New Bullet Proof Can - Coming to BuySnus.com. 24 August 2011.

BuySnus.com says - "The new improved General Bulletproof can will be released on BuySnus.com the 1st of September 2011, we will only have a very limited number of these available. BuySnus.com will be the only online retailer where you can purchase this unique can!"

If you've never heard about one of these before, I wrote about the last one I received a while back, it's actually a really cool little item! For those wondering if it will actually stop a bullet - I sent a can to Feck from The Snuff Takers Ephemeris a while back and he shot it to hell and back. Check it out for yourself:

Below you will find images of the new 2011 edition of the General Bullet Proof Can:

1 comment:

  1. Kind of sad that it did not put up a fight at all when it came to the bullets.