10 May 2011

Lars Erik Rutqvist to serve as counselor to the FDA. 10 May 2011.

Last year, in March I wrote about Lars Erik Rutqvist being appointed to the FDA's Scientific Advisory Board. Today, it was reported that "Doktor Snus blir Obamas expert", or "Doctor Snus is Obama's Expert". For a translated article, click here to read the full story from Affars Varlden. I had the opportunity to meet with him last year, in the pic he's on the far left, you'll see me on the far right, Anthony from DrSnus.com on my left, and some nice folks from Swedish Match standing with us as well. I had the opportunity to meet with and interview Dr. Lars and speak with him candidly about snus - and I can honestly say this is GOOD news for Americans. He knows snus, and advising the Americans on the low risk of snus will help it achieve the reduced harm label. What they will actually allow snus to do in America or snusmakers to say about their product remains to be seen, but I am optimistic! The article notes, and pardon my Swenglish, "Barack Obama's administration would have scientific data to determine law. The committee, which he now will sit in to advise the FDA in the tobacco field. Right now, the authority is in the middle of a process in which to develop criteria for which tobacco products with a lower risk for the user. Lars Erik Rutqvist role as advisor to the Authority for four years."

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