Forget everything you think you know about Marlboro Snus. 10 May 2011.

That's right. Because there's a new Marlboro Snus being sold by Swedish Match, and it's everything the Marlboro name should be and nowhere near as bad as that crappy American product I've wrote about here, here, here, and in it's newest incarnation - here. Originally, I wasn't quite sure how this was going to turn out to be honest. It was initially being described as having a unique taste profile which is reminiscent of the traditional Marlboro aroma. So I wasn't sure how Sweden was going to handle the traditional Marlboro product, which is as American as apple pie it seems, but I've been pleasantly surprised with how well this turned out. So, on to the reviews.

To start, the product description for Marlboro Strong Portion from states, "Rich and round tobacco flavor with hints of chocolate, vanilla and herbs, and slightly roasted coffee and dark wood. Format Description: Pouch that fits well under the lip. Humidified for fast and robust flavor release." Wow, that sounds like a mouthfull! When you open up the can the aroma that comes through is slightly sweet, but smoky with a pure tobacco essence - reminds me much of Grov. The vanilla is present in hints in the smell. Speaking of the cans - these are really well done. They kinda remind me of those Special Blend cigarettes that were around years and years ago. When I was a smoker I remember trying them. The cans are simple, but elegant.

The portions are very full, and moist - with a great mouthfeel. When it comes to taste, these certainly aren't lacking! The tobacco taste is the front-runner here, with a hint of chocolate (like with Ettan Original Portion) - very slightly present, but not overbearing like you're eating a candy bar or anything. There is a slight sweetness, and a smoky flavor as well. Something else reminds me of cedar for some reason, there's a very wood-like presence in the background as well. No pepper to speak of, but a nice little salty taste to bring out and enhance everything this snus has going on for it. For some reason, I pick up an almost liquor-like quality in the flavor mix as well, maybe a bourbon or a scotch, but I'm not sure. It sure is good though! It packs a moderate nic hit, since Marlboro is a strong portion.

Moving along to the White Portion of the new Marlboro, provides this product description, "Rich and round tobacco flavor with hints of chocolate, vanilla and herbs, and slightly roasted coffee and dark wood. Format Description: Pouch that fits well under the lip. Dry on the surface which makes it less runny and gives a fresh feel but has a moist snuff which provides a prolonged flavor release." As with the Original Portion, the cans are quite cool looking - having the traditional Marlboro logo in a sleek, but simple package. When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a slightly sweet, but smoky tobacco aroma. The vanilla is present in a mild hint in the aroma as well. As it is a Swedish Match White Portion, the portions come in the beautiful star pattern as well.

The portion material for Marlboro Strong White is very comfortable for a white portion, the tobacco inside very moist and soft - great mouthfeel! The taste of this one is a little more subdued than the Original Portion - which released quickly. The white portion takes a little more time to develop. The tobacco flavor is very present mixed with a slightly sweet taste with an almost liquor like quality - perhaps a bourbon or a scotch in the mix somewhere, I don't know, but it's good! The taste is smoky, and has a wood-like taste to it, like cedar perhaps, it's very pleasant. No pepper to be found, but a nice salt balance to tie together and enhance all the various flavors in the mix. It reminds me a lot of Grov White Portion, but kicked up with much more flavor going on. All these flavors may make the snus sound complicated, but it's really not - they blend together really well.

This snus is great. Altria, are you listening? Pay Attention. This is how you make Marlboro Snus. This is a Swedish Snus with a classic taste that Americans would ENJOY. Not your oversweetened garbage. This is how the Marlboro name should be handled when it comes to a smokeless tobacco product. Sadly, it isn't available in America, and as people can't get snus shipped in the EU - this product is only available to those outside of America and the EU. Currently, you can pick it up from Thumbs up on this one, I really enjoyed it!


  1. I would love to try this. I wish they would listen, Chad. That crap they sell here is so freaking terrible.

    Thumbs up to Swedish Match!

  2. I wish I could buy that, no more snus for EU...

  3. I've got a roll of that cming next monday

  4. I have a friend in Switzerland sending me Camel and Marlboro real Swedish snus. Hopefully it gets through. It's a damn shame we can't get the real deal here in the states


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