18 April 2011

Redesigns and my Wall o' Snus. 18 April 2011.

I know quite a few of my readers personally, on Facebook, or on our forum GoSmokeless.org, but quite a few of you I'm not on a first name basis with so I'll explain this pic a little bit. I'm a single dad, and I live alone. I, like many people, save my snus cans for some reason. Until recently I didn't really know what to do with them. One day it dawned on me. I wanted to build a Wall o' Snus. The YouTube dipper community are really big into "dip towers", for example at 0:55, this YouTube dipper shows you his dip tower. So, I built one in my bedroom. I can't imagine a cohabiting female would be accepting of this, unless she was a snuser too. Which would be really cool, actually. Any female snusers out there?

Usually I don't get too excited about redesigns unless it's something super sexy. This is one of those instances, because this new GoteRape can designed for the Summer of 2011 is pretty cool looking. It has the standard blue label but has a watery design all around it. Look for it in the coming months, I'd expect it May-June-ish.

Next, as we know, GN has been getting a lot of love lately. They've made a big splash in the snus world and today announced a new design to their cans and finally! A move away from the hockey puck cans to a can with a catch lid. Very exciting news. Pics below of all the new labels/cans.


  1. That wall is awesome! Maybe I should build one at home, don't have that many cans yet though and my kittens loves playing hockey whit them so guess they would attack it immediately!

  2. Well as awesome as that snus wall is my cohabitating wife would never allow it and she IS a snuser and so is my oldest daughter.

  3. @Josie - Thanks! I like it, it adds personality to my man cave/fortress of solitude. :)

    @David - That's pretty cool, do you live in Sweden?

  4. Nope I live in Washington State. Last year I was looking for a replacement to my Skoal addiction. I had been a chewer since I was 13, I was 41 when I switched to snus. I ran across your site while researching it, so I can say you had a good part in my transition, thank you. My wife and daughter were smokers, after a couple of weeks and many different styles I settled on General ES. I told them they had to try it and the rest is history. A funny note: When I told them that Oden was bringing out an Extreme (I read this on your site) they can't wait to try it. They love the snus.