New Skruf design is here! 4 February 2011.

In the early part of January I wrote about a redesign for Skruf Snus, and after a recent arrival from I see that the new design has arrived and replaced Skruf as it formerly looked. The cans look different - portion Skruf is in a white can, los Skruf is in a black can. As noted before, Skruf said the following on the redesign. "The new design is a natural evolution of the classic design, but with a few important changes," Skruf says. There will not be clear categorization of segments, strength indicator of 1-4 dots, a natural design evolution with a clean and contemporary look, and loose snus in a black can now. "We feel that the new design is modern with strong ties to the Skruf brand indentity," Skruf says, "while introducing helpful functional element[s] such as the strength indicators and segment categories. We hope you like it as much as we do!"

As mentioned above, the cans will now come with a strength indicator on the side. Tranbar (Cranberry) weighs in at a 2, which is the lowest. Stark comes in at a 3, weighing in as the middle weight, and the XTra Stark is a 4, which is the highest level on the nicotine scale. What makes me wonder is that 2 is the lowest and 4 is the highest, is there going to be a new Skruf product that is a 1? Why start at 2? Maybe it's because with this included you wouldn't exactly be the coolest guy at the bar if somebody caught you with a can of snus that was a 1 on the strength scale. In Sweden I imagine that could be quite emasculating. But anyways, that's neither here nor there. So the new Skruf is here, it's pretty killer looking, the new design improves on the old design in my personal opinion - so look for it in your coming orders.