14 February 2011

Mud Jug - not just for dippers! 14 February 2011.

Catch lids, paper cups, and coke cans are SO last year. Alright, let's talk Mud Jug. I've heard about them quite a bit from the dip community on YouTube, and I know tons of people that have them. In case you haven't heard of them, a Mud Jug is a portable spittoon, but totally classy. It's got a lid, and is very discreet unlike the popular Mountain Dew bottle full of brown liquid. I dunno if you're like me, but I rarely use my snus catch lid. I do have a coke can in the car that I put my used portions in, and a paper cup on my end table that I use when I'm at home. I know, I could just walk to the trash can every time I discard a portion, but that isn't convenient all the time, so I stick with the paper cup and coke can. I decided to check out MudJug and see if it'd be a solution to this little non-discreet way of discarding my snus.

You can see a Mud Jug looks much more discreet on the coffee table. To use it, you'll have to treat it differently than a dipper would. If you cut the inside part of the funnel off (saw/knife/etc) a portion will fit right in. The hole, as is, is too small so it requires a little work, but worth it! Very discreet, no one can see what's in it, and it saves me the paper cups and coke cans. I think it's pretty cool, and definitely works from a snuser's point of view. You can get a Mud Jug from Mudjug.com or from Northerner. Prices range anywhere from $20 up to $40ish. If you buy from MudJug.com they provide quick shipping and sometimes throw in a hat if you spend enough money with them. So if you're looking for a quick, discreet way to discard your snus portions check out MudJug!

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