Star Scientific hopes for FDA's "modified risk" label. 5 January 2010.

Recently, Ariva, maker of dissolvable tobacco products Ariva and Stonewall, began talks with the FDA to get a "new moist snuff" (and more than likely their current product line) assigned the FDA's modified risk label. According to this article, this new product has "...lower levels of cancer-causing chemicals than any other tobacco product now on the market." Even Matthew Myers of Tobacco Free Kids said in this article, "If there are tobacco products out there that can be marketed in such a way that can significantly reduce the risk of disease, I don't know of anybody who opposes that." Now, you may be saying, "This has absolutely nothing to do with snus." Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps. If this product gets assigned the modified risk label by the FDA, I'm going to remain hopeful that they'll look into snus and perhaps it will someday be assigned the same thing. I don't know much about these products, so I won't say if they're safer than snus or not. When they say this product has lower levels of cancer causing chemicals than anything on the market - they're more than likely talking about the American market which means they're probably not safer than Swedish Snus. But again, I dunno. I don't know much about dissolvables. This new development does give hope though!