20 January 2011

New General product - Smooth Medium White. 20 January 2011.

In August of last year, Swedish Match released another innovation, the "Medium Portion" in the new Catch Pure Mint snus. Now, they're set to release another one in General Smooth Medium White (long name, but similar product). As we discussed before, a medium/white portion has a little less tobacco than a regular portion, but more than a mini. The nicotine content weighs in at about 7mg per portion. The description is as follows. "A medium-bodied and smooth tobacco flavour with a hint of bergamot, herbs and tea. A pouch with a discreet fit under the lip which still gives the right feeling of padding. The slightly moist snuff gives a quick flavour release and the dryness of the surface makes it less runny and creates a fresh feel”. Release date is scheduled for end of February. BuySnus has it up for preorder right now.

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