13 January 2011

Calling BS on Camel "SNUS" 2011 Smoke Free Resolution and how to REALLY quit smoking with snus. 13 January 2011.

As some of you have probably seen in recent publications, RJ Reynolds has run a new ad campaign for their Camel "SNUS" product which is advocating a "2011 Smoke Free Resolution" by using their "SNUS". In this Associated Press article, David Howard from RJ Reynolds says, "At this time, there will be some that will be considering the option to maybe quit smoking, but not necessarily quit enjoying tobacco pleasure. We want to inform them that here is a product that is an option for you to consider." Well, there is some truth in what he has to say. Snus can help you quit smoking. But in reality it is not Camel "SNUS" or any other American "snus/SNUS" product, it is Swedish Snus that will help you quit smoking. If you're reading this article and have found this website for the first time, there are many differences between Swedish Snus and American "SNUS", check out the link if you want to read up on the topic. Trust me, I've been vocal about this subject.

One of the things I want to stress is that American "snus" is not a replacement, it is a supplement. If you can see from the picture on the left, a package of Marlboro "snus" slides right into the foil around a box of cigarettes, allowing you something to use when you're not able to smoke. If you remember Camel "SNUS" earliest marketing campaigns, their "SNUS" was marketed as a product that you could use anywhere you couldn't smoke. People don't forget that, RJR. Just because you're dropping an ad campaign toting "2011 Smoke Free Resolution", we know what you're up to. I stumbled across a great article recently from Discovery Health "How Snus Works", and it delivers a hard hitting but very true quote about American "SNUS" products. "Tobacco control experts are saying not so fast. They warn that American snus products aren't actually snus. The tobacco delivers far lower levels of nicotine than traditional Swedish snus. This means that Marlboro and Camel snus won't calm nicotine cravings as effectively as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)."

In May of 2009, I quit smoking with Swedish Snus. Granted, I found Swedish Snus through Google searches after trying Camel "SNUS" and wanting something with more strength to it. Since then, I've sought out to preach the gospel of REAL Snus and it's become a real passion of mine. So if you're someone looking to quit smoking and want a harm reduced alternative that can really help you - try Swedish Snus. Don't even waste your time with the American products, because despite the fancy taglines they may give you, they simply aren't valid products to help you quit. Want to quit? Make a Swedish-style 2011 Smoke Free Resolution and quit smoking with Swedish Snus. Check out any webstore, have it shipped right to your door, and begin the journey to a better life.

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