22 November 2010

FDA unveils new warning labels for cigarettes. 22 November 2010.

According to an article at AdFreak, the FDA has unveiled 36 new warning labels for cigarette packages. Many are very comical, some are very serious, but these new warnings go far beyond just a simple line of text. They contain pictures, and serious warnings to those who smoke. I quit smoking in May of 2010 thanks to the help of snus, and though these new warnings are effective, they really don't offer much info other than "you smoke, you die". It seems the deadly "Quit or Die" methodology is spilling over into the American world as well. And we've seen how well that works, right? No.

Granted, I don't think the American government will ever embrace Harm Reduction, but an image like this one on a cigarette box would speak volumes more than "Quit or Die", it will let people know that there is an option. I've written before about anti-tobacco zealots demonizing smokeless alternatives, and others including Dr. Brad Rodu have been advocating smokeless alternatives as well, but it seems like we have a long way to go before people will begin to understand the true health benefits behind harm reduction and switching from smoking to snus. But an image like the one to the left, a link to a harm reduction website with true and factual information would really make a difference and show people that they truly have options instead of "Quit or Die".

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