22 November 2010

Ah, the UPS Bill. I love you, PACT. 22 November 2010.

I finally received my first UPS bill. I've heard rumors of these for quite sometime but have never actually seen one myself. So after the taxes, higher shipping costs, and various other charges that have come from the PACT Act being enforced, now we get a charge on the back end. It's like hitting on a chick at a bar, getting shot down, and then getting a call from her the next day reminding you that she shot you down. Apparently, if you don't pay it by the date they send it to you, which is usually due 3 days before you got the letter, they tack on an extra 6%. Aren't they sweet? It's interesting - for a country that supposedly cares so much about our health and really wants people to quit smoking, they're doing everything they can to make access to alternatives as difficult (and expensive) as possible.

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