06 October 2010

Thunder Test Series winner announced! 6 October 2010.

V2 recently announced the winners of the Thunder Test Series contest. I was sad to see my name wasn't on the list. I guess "insiders" aren't allowed to enter. Bummer. Anyways, the winner was announced as Thunder OT-5. That's great news, because that was my personal pic of the 5. It's interesting to see that a lot of people found this one to be the most agreeable one as well. I would have thought one of the more "traditional" tasting ones would have won - but by this one winning it shows that people who snus are seeking a different taste in strong portion snus. My review of OT-5 put it like this.

"Thunder OT-5 (Original Test 5). And finally to the last of the test series. So far we've had traditional flavors, complex flavors, simple flavors, to be honest the previous 4 really had such a big span that I wasn't sure what to expect with this last one. The portions are much like the previous 4. Packed full of snus, these portions are the same original portions I've enjoyed in the previous cans - moist, but not overflowing or oozing moisture. Very comfortable in the lip. The aroma of this one harkens a lot to Retro or Olde Viking Original, in my opinion, it's the closest thing I could think of to compare. A simple, mellow tobacco aroma, very traditional. The flavor is very simple. Whereas test 3 was a sweet, rich tobacco flavor, I find this one to be close, but without the sweetness. Which is why I mentioned Retro/Olde Viking Original in the aroma, that aroma stayed true in the taste department, too. There is a very slight citrus flavor, but for the most part the taste of this snus is a very simple tobacco flavor with mild citrus notes, very little salt flavor, all wrapped up in a very mild experience. To be honest, I am going to officially pick this one as my favorite. It's a strong snus with a very simple, very mild flavor. I'm not a big fan of sterks, but when I want something strong, I want a strong nicotine kick, not a strong flavor kick. So the fact that this snus has a very mellow flavor with a hell of a nicotine kick, I'm going to pick OT-5 as my favorite of the Test Series. Final opinion - My pick out of the 5 samples. Retro Extra Sterk? Olde Viking Original Strong Portion? Tastes like it. But a great snus, none the less."

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