Curse you, Swedish Match! 6 October 2010.

Wait a minute. Why is Chad angry with Swedish Match? Being one of a handful of world-famous snus bloggers including Larry, Dr. Snus, and That Snus Guy who had the opportunity to have all access to Swedish Match's facilities in Sweden, you would think he would have a deep love for them. And the most important question of all, why is he speaking in third person? All for one simple reason. Swedish Match has created a snus that killed the diversity in my daily usage. I went from carrying out 01, General Sterk, General Portion, and General White to only carrying around General Long. I no longer carry around a huge variety of snus. Am I becoming "that guy"? Though I didn't do an article on that particular part of our trip to Sweden, Anthony wrote one about our meeting with Nik Krohn who basically does brand marketing for Swedish Match. As Dr. Snus so eloquently put it, and we frequently referenced, General users are douchebags. Though that wasn't exactly how Nik put it, we kinda read between the lines about the ritzy General user guy. Great. So now that I've found a snus that blends every snus I like into one, I'm the General Douchebag-Guy. This snus now accounts for about 90% of my daily use.

Okay, in all seriousness, it's rare that I do a follow up article. In fact, this is the first. I've been using this snus so much that I've pretty much fallen in love with it. It's perfect. So, thank you and curse you, friends at Swedish Match, for making such a great snus and killing the diversity in my snus cache. As I wrote in this article, it's the first snus I ever received a roll of without ever trying - and it did not disappoint.


  1. Me too Chad
    I'm waiting for the strek version eagerly, hope it will be good.
    could all general product line be converted to long?1
    hum just imagine that



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