Buying local. 21 October 2010.

As rare as this is, I happened to forget my snus a few days ago. Since I work a little ways away from home - driving home wasn't an option for me. I wasn't going to buy cigs, and I definitely wasn't going to pick up any Camel "SNUS", so it was time to buy local. I checked out the Store Finder from and found two stores in the STATE that sell real snus. As sad as it is that we don't have that many locations in Arkansas that sell real snus, I was relieved that one was less than 10 miles away - The Pipe & Tobacco Shop in Little Rock. They had a neat little General Snus freezer and had the basics - Wintergreen, Los, Mint, and one can left of White Portion, which I subsequently purchased. What I didn't realize was how much of a price markup they do here in the states in local shops. The can of snus was well over $6.00, which I disagree with, but hey - they have to make money and it's a specialty tobacco product. The point of this article? Two things. One, don't forget your snus because it's way expensive to buy local. I suggest always buying online because in the end it will save you money - even with shipping costs and taxes. Two, there needs to be more locations selling real snus. This guy said he sells a ton of it - so obviously people are interested. Three - don't sell it for so damn much! Buying local would be great if it were moderately affordable to the common man.


  1. I think local prices would drop if they sold more of it, thats a given. So, the way I see it is the real problem is getting people to try it out and use it. I try to buy a few cans locally just to have a demand. Luckily for me, I have a couple of places around me that sell it. I do hate having chase down the stores that carry it but its a small price to pay for creating an even smaller demand. ~TimHolian

  2. I hope to god they start carrying snus at local stores near me. The shipping and the 35% tax rate is killing me. Even if they only carried general, I can deal with that. Also, Camel Snus sucks. They didn't even improve the recipe, they just doubled the dosage.

  3. I am currently on a national tour with a children's theatre company. This makes ordering snus difficult to the point that it's not worth the effort. I have found local snus in a couple places, in the little general freezers, with much the same offerings as your experience.

    I have, however, only paid ~4.50 for a can, rather than upwards of six. I honestly can't remember where I was when I found these two locations, unfortunately. Such is the life.

  4. General Los, Original, Mint, White, and Wintergreen in Sonoma County, CA comes to $7.14 after tax.... round double what Northerner has it at.

    Mini Mint is like $6.75


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