Tax Free Snus & Free Shipping from! 1 September 2010.

Great news from the folks at Northerner, they currently offering Tax Free Snus! "We’re also very pleased to be able to offer you tax free snus, shipped from our warehouse in the US. You can save up to 50%! Due to US legislation our shipping options are somewhat limited which means average shipping times are 10-14 days, so keep that in mind if you order tax free. This isn’t an ideal option if you need your snus in a hurry, but can serve as a very cheap complement to your regular orders. Initially we will only be offering selected brands but we are aiming at adding more over time. The tax free items can only be ordered in batches of 10 cans."

Also, due to the ordering snafu of the last few months, they're offering a free shipping deal when you order 30+ cans. The letter read as follows:

"Valued customer,

The past two months have been incredibly hectic for all of us here.

The system updates we had to perform in order to comply with the new US legislation occured during a period of extreme snus shortage at more than one of the top selling manufacturers and right in the middle of summer with all that entails in terms of vacations. We simply underestimated the massive effort required to make this system change a reality.

This, together with the fact that one of our lead programmers had to resign due to personal issues made the transition a terrible strain on our organisation. This, ultimatly lead to delayed shipments and prolonged customer service response times.

For this, we can only apologize very sincerely and we promise that issues of this nature will not occur again. We are now confident that our systems are operational and that things are working much, much better than they have. Our average customer support times are now less than 6 hours (obviously depending on your local time zone), our overall stock levels are very satisfactory (even though there will always be shortages on individual brands) and we have implemented some new features to help you in your shopping experience."

Note, this offer is for US customers. Free shipping on all orders of 30 cans or more using Swedish Post, Priority Mail, UPS Ground and UPS Standard. There's no upper limit on how many cans you can order.

They're also holding a contest order 10 or more cans during the week of August 30th-September 5th and be entered into a drawing.

The Prizes:
1st Prize: One customer wins 200 cans of their choice of any Swedish Match snus including shipping!
2nd Prize: One customer wins 100 cans of their choice of any Swedish Match snus including shipping!
3rd Prize: One customer wins 50 cans of their choice of any Swedish Match snus including shipping!