BREAKING NEWS! General Long Portion: The Long Awaited Announcement! 1 September 2010.

To say I've been anticipating this would be an understatement. Today, I received the official news about General Long and General Long Sterk. Rumors began circulating about this product early this year after the success of 01 and 02 (The Lab Series), and upon my recent visit to Sweden, I saw a sneak peek of these new products! Well, the day has come and the news is finally here about the new General Long and General Long Sterk snuses.

I, and several others, have looked upon this as the biggest product release of this year, and Swedish Match agrees. They're calling it "The biggest launch since General Onyx". General Long is set for release Week 38 (Week of 19 September 2010 - 25 September 2010) and General Long Sterk is set for releease Week 44 (Week of 31 October 2010- 6 November 2010). Not sure why the delay between the two, but that's how it's going to work out. The portions are going to be 0.91g portions with 26 portions per can (an extra 2 portions in every can - more than the standard 24 portions). Each portion will have a 50% moisture content. General Long will weigh in at 8mg of nicotine per portion, and General Long Sterk will weigh in at 14mg per portion.

The new General Long Portions are going to have the full taste of an original portion, but less runny - much like a white portion. This was made popular with the introduction of the Lab Series (0102) last year which was received well by the snus world. It was the most innovative release in quite some time. The new General Long and General Long Sterk are going to have the classic General taste, but in a new and improved portion format. If you're wondering about the wing symbol, the wing symbolizes the power in the General taste and the freedom of the optimized fit. I couldn't be more excited about this product. I'm an avid General White user, but sometimes do original portions as well. I find this to be a great middle ground between the two. I also love the portion size of 0102 and find it to be both comfortable and discreet. I have eagerly anticipated the release of this, and now the day is upon us!

The can really reminds me of the old General can. In fact, the lettering looks to be about the same. I think this is a great move. The old General can was sleek and classy. 0102 has a similar can - simple, but looks great. I think this is a great move with the new General product. It has the General name and General flavor, which is established, while standing for a great new product. I like it, I think it's really well designed and it's very distinct. This is definitely a great addition to the already strong and established General line, and I really look forward to trying it.


  1. I realy enjoy the long sterks ... im usualy more of a white portion fan but this is a well rounded snus will be in my rotation for some time to come I think.


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