Tobacco Harm Reduction 2010 Yearbook. 12 August 2010.

Carl Phillips from and his colleagues have put together a great publication called The Tobacco Harm Reduction 2010 Yearbook. It's around 300 pages of "...general overviews to political analyses...." and seems to be a very complete and up to date resource on all the findings in the world of harm reduction. It also contains great information about the effects of snus on health and has a wide range of statistics. I can talk about harm reduction in relation to snus all day, but seeing it put together like this with real numbers from people who research this stuff actually makes it much more real to me. It really shows that harm reduction is real, and snus can really save lives. If you're a snus/harm reduction advocate, or someone just looking to do a little research, I urge you to check it out today. They say that a paperback version is coming soon too, as well.