10 August 2010

QuitSnus.com - Really? New anti-snus site. 10 August 2010

After my recent article rebutting TheTruth.com's new ad campaign against smokeless alternatives, I was alerted today to another new website. Although not as flashy as TheTruth.com, it's interesting to see more of these popping up as snus is gaining popularity, including this one at DeterminedToQuit.com. So, here we are again. This one is a little bit easier to refute. Apparently, it's easy to quit snus as long as you can convince yourself that snus causes mouth cancer. Well, we know that isn't true. It's well documented not to cause mouth cancer, but QuitSnus.com didn't get the memo. They even made sure to throw in the "creepy mouth cancer guy pic" to scare people. And that guy isn't even a snus user. Apparently that's the only picture they could find because they're asking for user submissions of snus related mouth cancer pictures. Good luck finding those, Yavor.

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