09 August 2010

New snus! Nick & Johnny White and Catch Ease//Ginger Orange! 9 Aug 2010.

As reported recently, Nick and Johnny Black Portion has been discontinued and replaced with a white portion. As strong portions and white portions are more popular in Norway, this seemed to be a fitting offering for Swedish Match. It's also something I've been looking forward to, as I love Nick and Johnny, but sometimes the drip can be a bit much for me. What can I say? I'm a white portion kinda guy! BuySnus.com currently has this available for order, the other webstores should have it available soon.

The latest offering in the "Catch Collection" series is now available for order, and has a rather promising flavor. As citrus is a popular flavor in the snus world, it is interesting to see one that has the flavor of "Orange", and not the traditional bergamot we're used to in snus. It will be interesting to see how this compares to traditional snus flavors. I think it should be a very unique and interesting offering!

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