New Catch Pure Mint - Coming Soon! 20 August 2010.

Swedish Match is releasing a new mint snus, and it's not just any old mint. The new Catch Pure Mint snus is going to be a white portion but in the longer, slim fit that we know and love from the 0102 line. The top of the can describes it as, "A careful selection of our finest tobacco, blended to perfection with cooling peppermint." Catch Pure Mint is also going to come in 7mg of nicotine, so it's going to be up there with General Mint and other regular portions. What's it taste like? Well, it's going to lean more closely to General Mint than Catch Collection//Fresh Peppermint from last year. I'm not going to make any assumptions but with a cool can, a slim fitting portion, and the taste of mint, it looks like SwM may be putting on their gloves to do battle in the US. Is this the "big surprise" the OriginalPursuit folks have been talking about? Who knows. But I look forward to seeing. BuySnus has it available now!