Happy Birthday, Snubie! 5 May 2010.

One year ago, on 5 May 2009, I wrote my first snus article on this blog and began my journey into writing about snus. In the beginning, I was simply writing my personal reflections and hoping to help people on the transition path from American "SNUS" to Swedish Snus. As time went by and more and more people started reading, I expanded to include a website, Snubie.com and later added on another domain, QuitSmokingWithSnus.com. Looking back on it, it's been quite a ride, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. All the people I've met, all the snus I've tried and enjoy (or not enjoyed), and most importantly the people I've helped, because they really made it all worth it. Thank you all for reading, for all the comments, emails, and kind words - because ultimately everything I do, and those who are involved with Snubie.com, is to help people new to snus, or those coming from American snus to Swedish Snus. I do it to help people quit smoking, and in hopes of improving the health of those who can't quit with traditional means by suggesting snus to them.

As you know, Snubie.com is going to Sweden at the end of the month to further our knowledge of snus by meeting some more people and getting an inside look at how snus is made. To celebrate Snubie's 1 Year Birthday, we are going to give away one roll one of the most popular snuses in Sweden, Göteborgs Rapé! Second prize will be 5 cans of Göteborgs Rapé. And some swag will be thrown in too, for good measure. The two winners will be selected by drawing from emails sent to SnubieContest@gmail.com. Simply send an email and include your name and your contact email, and if you are drawn we will contact you by email. Drawing will be in one week! Good luck, and thanks for being a part of everything that we do, and look forward to more to come!


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