Nick and Johnny (Black) Review. (Rebranded) 4 Nov 09.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

The long awaited Nick And Johnny (Black) has arrived! I haven't actually reviewed Nick & Johnny (Strong Portion) as of the date of this writing, but I can say it's a great snus. And alot of die hard snus fans swear by it. Although it's not a regular for me, I will say that it's a very good one. And I really enjoy General Onyx, so I was quite curious to see what Swedish Match had up their sleeves for this one!

NOTE: This product has recently been re-released as a white portion and rebranded "Nick & Johnny Strong White" - or N&J White Heat as of 2011.

Upon opening the can, it looks much alike to General Onyx. Black portions arranged in the star pattern. As we discussed in the General Onyx review - Black portions are White portions in the black teabag like material. Nick and Johnny Strong Portion is a very moist snus, so I was curious if any of that would translate to Nick and Johnny (Black). This portion is slightly moist, but not as moist as N&J Strong. N&J Black portions have 11mg of Nicotine, and pack just as good of a kick as N&J Strong.

Upon opening the can, the aroma is clearly different from N&J Strong. Whereas in N&J Strong, the aroma of citrus is very strong, but in N&J Black, it's not as strong as the aroma of N&J Strong, and is very balanced with the other elements of this portion. The flavor of N&J Black is slightly similiar to N&J Strong, but there are differences that seperate the two. The flavor of N&J Black is strong, but seems to be more balanced than N&J Strong. Of course, flavor is in the mouth of the snusholder, so your results may vary. The flavor of citrus isn't the familiar bergamot I'm used to, but reminds me more of a grapefruit, it's rather tangy, and is perfectly balanced with the salt and pepper notes which mellow in with the smooth tobacco flavor. I can't get over the citrus in this one though, it's very tangy - more so than any snus I've had in a while, and I really enjoy it. This is one of the most balanced snus in terms of flavor that I've had in a while. Add that with a great nicotine kick, and N&J Black is a much welcome addition to it's older brother N&J Strong.

In case this review is a bit confusing, I'll try to clarify a tad. N&J Strong has a strong taste. So does N&J Black. But the N&J Black has a very tart, stronger citrus flavor. The flavors seem alot more balanced than in N&J Strong, but that doesn't mean that N&J Black's flavor is weak. N&J Black reminds me more of Onyx than Grov Black, but it doesn't taste much like Onyx, it's just the closest thing I COULD compare it too.