Update about the change in 1847. 20 Oct 09.

Someone recently asked me about the change in 1847, if this would affect the recipe, and when it would be for sale online. In case anyone else is curious, I checked into it, and this is a heads up on the change.

Swedish Match and Phillip Morris changed the can because the old can didn't really "...fit in Swedish Match production, and Phillip Morris wanted to do a new design of the can anyway..."

Regarding the recipe and any changes, Swedish Match hasn't done any major changes to the recipe, but now it will be manufactured with SM's GothiaTek Standard.
The GothiaTek Standard

The retailers will change the cans when the new ones (the new design) arrive in stock. Not sure if they will contact or send an email, I'm sure that's up to them, but when you see the new cans, that's when you'll see the new production, as well.