Coming Soon! Nick&Johnny Black

Nick and Johnny (Black)
Having not actually tried this yet, I can't say what exactly it tastes like, but what I do know is the manufacturer describes it as a "Powerfull, full bodied tobacco flavour - a strong snus" with a nicotine content of 11 mg/portion (the same as Nick & Johnny Strong portion), and the flavors include smoke, licorice, and salmiac.

Nick and Johnny (Black) is going to be released to online retailers in the beginning of November. Not sure which ones yet, but I'm sure it'll be the usual. I'm very excited to try this, and hoping that the preorder option starts popping up soon. Who knows, maybe this will sell so good we'll see a return of N&J East, N&J West, and a good N&J los? Okay, okay, maybe not....but I can dream. Until then, I have N&J Black to look forward to.