2 New Fellinni's Coming Soon! 24 Oct 09.

More Week 47 (16 Nov - 22 Nov) releases? You bet! V2 has added 2 more onto their Fellinni line, Fellinni Lakrito and Fellinni Eucalyptus Mint. Remember from the last review of Fellinni Mint, these are 8mg white mini portions, marketed to the ladies - but totally okay for guys to use, too. We won't tell your girlfriend. Promise. Fellinni Lakrito's description says it has a licorice flavor, and Eucalyptus Mint...well, self explanatory. I do know that the Catch Eucalyptus is something I've kept in stock since the beginning of my snus journey, and although it's not a full timer, I do use it from time to time, so I'm interested to see V2's approach to this.

Fellinni Lakrito

Fellinni Eucalyptus Mint

I would add on some Julesnus and some of the Thunder Berry Blend, and it will make for a very happy holidays in snusland!