General Harvest (Original Portion) - Review. 29 September 2021.

Ever since I first heard about Swedish Match's new, limited edition Harvest line, I've been stoked to try it out.  Why?  Because it's a tobacco centric snus in a regular nicotine strength.  I mean, kudos to Swedish Match.  In a world where everything is super strong mint nicotine pouches, this took some bravery.  Well, the day is here.  I ordered it from last week and today we're going to talk about General Harvest!  So, this product reminds me of a few things.  First, it reminds me of 2015's Thunder 10, a product by V2 Tobacco.  That one also sourced tobacco from Brazil, and was a no-flavor added snus.  It also makes me think of 2011's General Green Harvest, mainly for the name.  That one tasted like General Snus, this one is more it's own thing.  

The side of the can tells you a lot about the snus.  It's a neat little feature, and it's in English, too!  Basically, this release is made of dark, air cured tobacco.  Swedish Match sourced the tobacco from Southern Brazil.  The stalk-cut tobacco is then air cured in well ventilated barns.  That curing process takes about 5-7 weeks.  The flavor description (from Swedish Match's website) for the original portion version says, "Dark character of tobacco with hints of roasted cocoa, leather and autumn leaves with hints of rosehips".  Each can weighs 24 grams and has 24 portions, for 1 gram each.  The nicotine content is 9mg/g (0.9%), which easily breaks down to 9mg/portion!  Now, with all that being said, let's get into the review!

This is a pretty complex snus, so strap in, kick back, and let's check it out.  When you open the can a dark tobacco aroma greets you.  It's present, but not super intense.  I do pick up some faint chocolate in the aroma.  When I read chocolate in the flavor profile I was a bit worried, because that's the part of Ettan snus that turns me off.  But, it's not too overbearing in this one.  There is a nice leathery presence, a little bit of oak, and a leafy/fall type presence.  The portions are nice and plump, with a great amount of moisture and a steady, quick release of flavor.  In the flavor profile, I pick up a present, dark taste of tobacco.  It's beautiful!  I do pick up that light chocolate tone, but it's in the background.  There's a nice touch of leather, along with rustic oak hints.  I pick up a faint smokiness, and a fall/leafy type of flavor.  The nicotine strength on this one feels about regular, and the flavor lasts about 45-55 minutes on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

This is a phenomenal snus.  It does remind me of some of the products I mentioned earlier:  Thunder 10 for the tobacco base, the old Nick and Johnny OP for the leathery tones, and also another one.... Tiger Snus (from Asia), for the raw tobacco flavor.  As far as the product itself goes, it's a must try.  This is, without a doubt, one of the best products Swedish Match has released in recent memory.  It earned that 4.54/5 score.  There is a white portion version of this one, but honestly, the original portion version is best.  Remember, this is a limited edition.  Some sell out quick, some don't.  But it's better to buy it earlier than later, so if you want to try it out - go get some!