Dissident CBD Pouches - Review. 26 April 2021.

I recently reviewed the line of Dissident's nicotine pouches.  Today, I'm going to be talking about their CBD pouches.  If you're not familiar with CBD, it's a naturally occurring compound find in the hemp plant. It's good for a lot of things, particularly anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, and insomnia (along with a bunch of other things).  I wasn't familiar with CBD until Mrs. Snubie introduced me to it a little while back.  Now, I'm a big fan of CBD, particularly the Cannadips brand, the originator of the CBD pouch category.  I've reviewed their products many times and use every day.  Now, more and more companies are getting into the CBD pouch category.  Dissident is a company in Estonia that is wanting to get into the category.  Their line has 3 flavors to it.  Each can weighs 6 grams, and has 15 pouches, for 0.4g each.  The CBD content is said to be 375mg per can, or 25mg/pouch.

All of these products have quite a few things in common, which I'll cover first.  In the review we'll cover aroma and flavor, which is the main differing factor between these three offerings.

What they have in common:
Portion/Mouthfeel - All of these pouches are lighter in weight, at only 0.4g each.  They're slim, and a little dryer to the touch.  But, they still feel pretty comfortable in the lip.  
CBD Release - In terms of CBD, I didn't notice much.  I may be spoiled by Cannadips, though, which has the highest CBD bioavailability on the market.  
Flavor Longevity - Flavor longevity is about 35-40 minutes on this.  So not short, not long, kind of right there in the middle.  

Dissident CBD Pouches:  Peach Tea
Flavor:  "Green tea, with a hint of delicious peach".
Review:  This one is pretty nice.  In the aroma, there's a mild, natural aroma of peach, along with a light tea like presence.  In the flavor, the peach taste is pretty mild, natural, and not overly sweet.  It's pretty well balanced, and enjoyable.

Dissident CBD Pouches:  Mint
Flavor:  "Mint with a slightly sweet undertone".
Review:  This one seems to be mostly peppermint.  In the aroma, the peppermint is mild, and lightly sweet.  THere's also a little cooling presence under the lip, as well.  In the flavor, it's pretty gentle.  The peppermint taste is relatively subdued, and not super sweet.

Dissident CBD Pouches:  Citrus
Flavor:  "Fresh orange with a slightly sweet aftertaste".
Review:  This one has a mild, citrusy aroma.  It's a little orange, a little lemon.  In the flavor, it's pretty light in presence.  I pick up tones of lemon, along with a little orange in the mix.
Rating and Final Thoughts

These weren't too bad.  I wish the portions were a little more plump though, because they're lighter in weight than I prefer.  I also didn't really notice much CBD effect, but that may be because I'm spoiled on Cannadips.  The flavors were a little mild, so I think more bold flavors would help make the product stand out more.  Of the three, the only one I'd really buy again would be the Peach Tea one.  That one had a pretty nice flavor to it.