26 June 2020

Oden's Cold (X-Treme White Dry Slim) Chew Bags - Review. 26 June 2020.

Today, I'm going to be reviewing a chew bag product sold in Germany via Snuffstore.de: Oden's Cold (X-Treme White Dry Slim) Chew Bags! This is a chew bag version of Oden's Cold (Slim White Dry) Snus, but this one is called Lem, for some reason.  If you're not familiar with chew bags, these are products that are pasteurized like snus, but have cut tobacco instead of ground tobacco, and a thicker portion material so they can technically be "chewed".  This makes them legal in the EU.  I personally don't chew them, I just put them in my upper lip and leave them there.

Here's a shot of what's inside the pouch.  You can see the can, portion, and even the material inside the portion is very similar to snus.  However, with this product, the bottom of the can says that it only contains 60% tobacco and 40% texture agent.  I'm not sure what that texture agent is, but that's what it says.

As far as the flavor description goes, this one is said to have an "intense mint flavor with hints of tobacco". Each can weighs 10g and has 16 portions for 0.62g portions. The nicotine content is 22mg/g (2.2%). That would ordinarily be 13.64mg/portion, however since only 60% of this product is tobacco that may drop down to 8.18mg/portion.

When you open the can, a present, sharp smell of spearmint greets you. I find the portions to be quite soft to the touch, and comfortable under the lip. You'll also notice a nice cooling presence when you put a portion under your lip. The flavor is a present, lightly sweet flavor of spearmint! The nicotine strength feels to be right around the strong level, and the flavor lasts up to about an hour, on average.  The Cold flavor is one of the most popular ones out there, so if you're looking for a mint product, check this one out.  This one honestly wasn't too bad, and is probably one of the better mint flavored chew bags out there.

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