15 February 2020

Faro: Arctic - Review. 15 February 2020.

I recently noticed on SnusExpress.eu that they are now selling the Faro products. You may recall, I reviewed Faro Pouches back in 2018 when they were available in Austria.  It appears now that these products are now available to even more areas! While I am a snus user myself, I still advocate for products safer than smoking such as nicotine pouches, and products like these - which contain nicotine, but no tobacco!  When it comes to Faro Arctic, the product description says it has an "icy flavor of mint and sweet spearmint”.  Each can weighs 18g and has 18 portions, for 1.0g portions.  The nicotine content is 16mg/g (1.6%), which breaks down to 16mg/portion.  While most of the Faro products are in the mini size and with lower nicotine, this one is a regular size one and at the extra strong level.

Here's a look inside the pouch. As I mentioned before, Faro does not contain tobacco, but does contain nicotine. You can see the material inside the pouch looks similar to tobacco, but it isn't tobacco. Faro actually contains tea, nicotine salt, and flavorings. As someone who drinks tea religiously, that's pretty neat, because I love the taste of tea. Everything else is similar to regular snus and nicotine pouches - the can, the portions, the nicotine, all that. Except this, of course, has tea instead of tobacco.

When you open the can, a sharp peppermint aroma greets you along with a tea presence. These portions are bigger than the usual Faro portions, and they feel nice and plump under the lip. There’s also a mild cooling sensation under the lip as well. The flavor is a lightly sweet, mild peppermint taste with a hint of tea. I don’t know what it is, but something in the taste makes me think of honey, as well. The nicotine feels to be around the strong level, and has a pretty nice kick to it. The flavor, on average, lasts between 40-50 minutes. While I personally enjoy tobacco and don't plan on quitting, these are great alternatives for those who want to continue to enjoy nicotine, but may want to give up tobacco.

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