Rallarsnus Lös - Review. 24 May 2019.

Swedish Match continues their Back From The Dead series, as I call it, by bringing back another classic snus - Rallarsnus! This was a product made from 1976 to 2006, so it was discontinued just before I started snus in 2009. However, it was one I always heard spoke highly of when I first came into the snus world.  I was extremely excited when I heard this one would be coming back.  The flavor description for this one says, "Dark and smoky tobacco character with elements of tar, dried fruit, licorice and herbs."  It comes in a 42 gram can and has a 7.5mg/g (0.75%) nicotine content. I was also told that only 120,000 cans of this were made.

As you can see from the old can design pictured here, the new can looks just like the old one, except it doesn't have the metal STA lid that it had back in the day. Back when it launched, it was priced at 2.15kr, which is $0.23 USD. It costs a little more now! About this product, this is what Swedish Match says about it: "Back after 10 years - After just over 10 years of rest, Rallarsnus is back on the shelves for a limited time. Rallarsnus was launched in 1976 as a snus with a slightly different character. Before Rallarsnus was launched, various name suggestions were tested, including "Sisu" and "Flash and Dunder". Finally, it was "Rallarsnus" that won the greatest appreciation from the consumers and therefore had to name the lightly baked snus."

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a dark, rich, smoky tobacco character. The loose, as you can see, is like other Swedish Match loose - extremely easy to bake! It goes in the lip and stays together quite well. The taste is very much tobacco centric; it is a rich, robust, dark tobacco character.  There's also a present flavor of smoke, and an element of tar.  I also pick up light notes of wood in the background.  It's a really rich, well rounded flavor profile!  The nicotine level feels to be about the regular strength level.  I find the lös snus stays well packed in the lip for up to 45 minutes on average, and the flavor lasts about that long, as well!  It's hard to compare to anything but I'd say maybe like General Mackmyra without the whisky taste, or a smokier Grov with a hint of tar.

I really enjoyed this one, and lovers of good, tobacco centric products should definitely get in on this one before it's gone!  It was great to taste a piece of snus history!