Lyft Winterchill (Nicotine Pouches) - Review (Discontinued). 26 May 2019.

NOTE:  The Lyft brand has been rebranded as Velo.  As such, this product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Fiedler and Lundgren have launched a few new Lyft products and today we're talking about one of them: Lyft Winterchill (Nicotine Pouches). I know the name may sound familiar but, no, this isn't the same thing as that awful Camel "SNUS" Winterchill.  This is, however, similar to the Epok Winterchill I reviewed recently from Norway, except that product has tobacco and this one doesn't.  If you're new to Lyft, it's a line of products from the company that makes Epok.  Lyft contains nicotine, but no tobacco.  It actually contains eucalyptus and pine fiber instead of tobacco.  The nicotine pouch category is growing a lot, so we are seeing more and more products being launched by a variety of companies!

The flavor description of this product says it has a "crispy fresh wintergreen flavor with crisp cooling menthol encapsulated in a creamy sweetness with notes of wood".  It comes in a 16.8g can with 24 portions for 0.7g portions.  I believe the nicotine content is 16mg/g (1.6%), or 11.2mg/portion.

I won't go too in depth on the differences between Epok and Lyft, but if you want to know more, I wrote an article about it, and I also did a video about it. But here's a photo just so you can see it real quick. You'll notice the cans look similar except the name, the portions look similar, and even the material inside the pouch looks similar. The way the pouches feel in the lip, the way the nicotine releases, and even the flavors are all very similar as well. So if you like Epok, you'll probably also really like Lyft.

For comparative purposes, this one tastes and smells virtually identical to the Epok version. The aroma is a mild, lightly sweet wintergreen aroma. It reminds me a lot of Wintergreen Tic-Tacs. The portions are slim, soft to the touch, and feel comfortable in they lip. The flavor comes on pretty quickly, as does the nicotine! The flavor is a pretty mild wintergreen taste. It's light, mildly sweet, and gentle in nature. The nicotine kick feels quite strong for being only 16mg/g, it feels right at the extra strong level. The flavor, on average, lasts about 45 minutes.

I enjoy tobacco, and regular snus, so I don't see myself switching over to nicotine pouches.  But if you like wintergreen and want to use a product with nicotine but no tobacco, you may like this one.