Epok No6 Winter Chill X-Strong S5 - Review. 25 March 2019.

Meet Epok No6 Winter Chill X-Strong S5, a product with a long name, and only available in Norway. It is also the first wintergreen flavored snus in the Epok series! To get this out of the way, I am not a fan of wintergreen. However, long time readers and viewers of Snubie.com content already know that. According to the product details, this product has "a fresh and powerful taste of wintergreen". It comes in a 16.8g can with 24 portions for 0.7g portions. The nicotine content is 16mg/g (1.6%), or 11.2mg/portion.

A friend of mine got this can for me from Snuslageret.no, that's why the cans look like this. In Norway, snus cans come in this color, also known as Pantone 448 C, or 'opaque couché'. According to a survey, it is "the world's ugliest color". Also, cans in Norway have no graphics on them, they only have the name of the product.  I personally like the cans and the color.  I find the design simple, and minimalist.  So their effort to make snus less attractive did not work on me.
As usual, I had to cut open portions to look at what's inside an Epok portion. Now, if you're new to Epok, you may be asking yourself what "white tobacco" is. This is how Winnington describes it: "White tobacco is produced in a patented, environmentally friendly process that gently cleanses and refines brown tobacco. In this process, unwanted substances are minimized, such as heavy metals and nitrosamines. The feeling under the lip, nicotine strength and flavor experience is the same as in a regular snus pouch - but without the snus running or coloring your teeth. White tobacco contains white tobacco, nicotine, water, stabilizer and flavoring agents. White tobacco is produced in a water-based process, ensuring the tobacco is clean of all unwanted substances. White tobacco contains no natural sugar. Instead, xylitol is used as a sweetener."

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a mild, lightly sweet smell of wintergreen. It's closer to Wintergreen Tic-Tacs than wintergreen tobacco products, in my opinion. The portions are slim, soft, and comfortable in the lip. When you put one in, there's a mild burn in the lip at first, which gives way to a light cooling presence. Now, as someone who doesn't like the taste of wintergreen, I didn't mind the taste of this stuff. I like the Zyn Wintergreen product and use it from time to time, and this one tastes like that. It's a mild, light, gentle wintergreen taste with a little sweetness. It's actually not bad. Which, from me, is a big compliment. The nicotine kick is quite strong, which is impressive given that it is only 11.2mg/portion. The flavor, on average, lasts about 35-40 minutes.

If you like wintergreen products, and want that flavor in a white tobacco product, give this one a try.  But, it's only available in Norway!

For my non-Norway audience, you can get a nicotine pouch version of this from SnusExpress.com.  Here's a purchase link:  https://www.snusexpress.com/us/en/brands/velo/velo-winter-chill-x-strong-slim-8962.