16 February 2019

Thunder Frosted (Ultra Strong) White Dry - Review (Discontinued). 16 February 2019.

NOTE:  This product was discontinued in 2020 and replaced with Thunder Lit Frosted White Dry.  That review is here.

I actually did a review of this back in 2014. I reviewed it with Thunder Frosted Extra Strong White Dry and put both of them in one article. That product was recently discontinued, and I planned on just splitting the reviews into separate articles. But, I noticed this product has a new design, and I actually never did a video review of it, so I just threw a can on my recent SnusCENTRAL order so I could review it again. The flavor description for this snus says, "Thunder Frosted has a very smooth long lasting spearmint taste." It comes in an 11.7g can with 18 portions for 0.65g portions. The nicotine content is 42mg/g (4.2%) which sounds intimidating, but with lighter portions it’s a little lighter, at 27.3mg/portion.

When you open the can the aroma that greets you is a present, mildly sweet spearmint smell. I was impressed with how present the smell was; usually white dry products don’t have a strong aroma. The portion is dry, but softer to the touch than most white dry products. Keep in mind, it’s only 0.65g each so they don’t fluff up as much. When you put a portion in the lip you’ll encounter a mild cooling presence, as well. The flavor tastes a lot like regular Thunder Frosted, but more mild. It’s a gentle, lightly sweet spearmint flavor with a hint of tobacco in the background. As far as the nicotine goes, I felt it kick at 8 minutes, and I took the portion out at 19 minutes. I don’t use a lot of really strong stuff, so I can’t keep it in too long. However, most white dry products seem to last an hour to an hour and a half.

If you like really strong snus, check this one out.  It's not something I would personally use again, as it's too strong for me.  But it has a good flavor, so those of you with high nicotine cravings may love it!

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