25 January 2019

SnusFreak Rum Snus Lös - Review. 25 January 2019.

Today I'm going to be reviewing a few products made by my friend Snusfreak. These are products he made to celebrate Snusfreak.com's 15th anniversary. I've reviewed a few of his products before, including his tobacco flavored FreakSnus Batch 01 and 02 in 2016 and most recently his FreakSnus Jim Beam Honey last month. He's reviewed my Snubie Brandy Alexander and Snubie Blood Orange and Goji Berry Lös as well. For this snus, he made two batches, each one with different tobaccos, and he  flavored this new snus with Malteco Rum (Aged 20 Years). I've never had this rum, but it's rated 7.5/10 on RumRatings, so it seems to be a good one. He also mentioned this snus took him about half a year to make and was made in collaboration with Kungssnus.

FreakSnus Rum Batch 1 Lös

Tobacco Used:  Virginia Tobacco
Flavor:  Rum
Nicotine Content:  8.5mg/g

When you open the can, the aroma is a very present smell of rum, an earthy tobacco presence, a light smokiness, and a little sweetness. The tobacco itself is great - easy to work with, moist, soft; kudos to Snusfreak for how the lös itself turned out. The taste is a present flavor of rum with a rich, earthy tobacco character. It's lightly smokey but not too smokey. There's a light sweetness and a touch of wood. This one has a really well rounded, balanced flavor. The nicotine level feels to be about regular strength and the flavor, on average, lasts about 45 minutes.

FreakSnus Rum Batch 2 Lös

Tobacco Used:  Burley Tobacco
Flavor:  Rum
Nicotine Content:  8.5mg/g

The aroma of Batch 2 is a present smell of rum, but a darker tobacco smell. It's lightly smokey, and also has a little spice to it; it reminds me of pepper. The tobacco, again, is wonderful; it is incredibly easy to work with. The flavor is a present flavor of rum with a dark, robust, bold tobacco taste. This one is also a little smokey, and has a little taste of wood which reminds me of oak. It's doesn't seem to have much sweetness to it, and has a little spice in the background, which reminds me of pepper. This one seems to have more of a bold flavor to it.

I really enjoyed both of these - thanks to SnusFreak for letting me try them!  He did a great job on these, they both have a great flavor!

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