Lundgren's Marstrand (2018 Limited Edition) - Review. 23 May 2018.

Fiedler and Lundgren are kicking off the summer by releasing another limited edition product - Marstrand (2018). This isn't their first limited edition in the Lundgrens line. In 2016, they released Lundgren's Infusion, which had a taste of ginger and lavender. In 2017, they released Lundgren's Infusion: Lavender and Lemongrass, which was a SnusBolaget exclusive. Now, they have released Lundgren's Marstrand, which appears to only be for sale at SnusBolaget, as well. A special thank you to Snubie friend Michael in Sweden who is always helpful with tracking down these products for review that I can't get ahold of in the US.  Now, let's talk about the product!

This product comes in a really neat box.  The box has a maritime theme to it, and looks really cool.  Inside the box you'll find the can of snus, and a booklet that tells you a little about the snus, as well.  Those flags on the side of the can are actually International Maritime Signal Flags, and they spell out "Lundgrens". There were only 5000 of these made, and this is number 3808/5000.  The box is really neat if you're a snus collector like me, and the aluminum can is a neat addition.  It has a really sleek look to it.

The name, Marstrand, comes from the town of Marstrand. Their tourism website says Marstrand is one of the most famous towns in Sweden and is located on the Bohuslän coast. The town is famous for its “intense boating culture”, which makes sense as to why this is a nautical themed/inspired snus. The website says sailing has become a public sport there, and apparently the “only natural sailing arena in the world” is located there. The website says Marstrand is the Swedish sailing capital. They also say it is the yearly location for the Marstrand Regatta, Match Cup Sweden and other major sailing championships.

This is what the book that comes with this snus says. This is the best I could do with an English translation, so forgive me if it isn't the best!

Marstrand Limited Edition 2018 

"The search for the optimum snus experience has always been our great driving force, a proud legacy from Fredrik Lundgren who gave us our name. Today, Lundgrens snus is inspired by the huge palette of flavors and aromas found in the Swedish flora. Every product from Lundgrens is a tribute to a region in Sweden, with flavors that arouse associations to popular Swedish places. Lundgrens takes you on a taste trip.

In the summer of 2018 we released Marstrand. Lundgren's Marstrand 2018 is a Fiedler and Lundgren interpretation of Marstrand and is inspired by warm, salt washed rocks, a smell of tarred rowboats, and wild growing rose hips and heather shrubs you can find on the road to the sea. Lundgren's exploration of the Swedish flora has just begun."

Rose Hip 

"Pleasant reverberation of fine citrus and wild rose from the west coast of Norway adds to the good aftertaste of the mind from the influx of Swedish-grown organic tobacco."


"Earthy and old-fashioned background tones from vast heather hedges contribute character and stability that can only come from so hardy plants."

This snus comes in a beautiful metal can. The can weight is 21.6 grams and the can has 24 portions, which means 0.9 gram portions. The total nicotine content is 9mg/g (0.9%), which breaks down to 8.1mg/portion of nicotine.  The can itself feels to be aluminum, but is something that you could definitely reuse.  It's very classy, sleek, elegant, but also simple.  This is something you could put other snus in when you're finished with it, especially for a night on the town.

This snus was not cheap for me to get, but it was well worth every penny. I really enjoyed this one. The aroma and taste of this snus is very much sea-inspired. The aroma reminds of the sweet, salty sea breeze. There is a present smell of rose, which reminds me of Skruf products. There is also a small herbal presence, and a little pepper. The portions are the perforated white type, which means they have a quick release of flavor, but also a long lasting flavor. Also, don’t worry about the fact that the portion is perforated; I’ve never had any tobacco come through the little holes. They also feel very comfortable in the lip. The flavor of rose is quite present in the taste, but it comes through in a gentle and lightly sweet way. There’s also an herbal presence, which is hard to describe. It’s mild, but it seems to be more dark/rich in capacity than I’ve experienced with other snus products. That may be due to the heather, but I’ve never had heather so I can’t say. There is a nice taste of pepper and spices in the background. Also, this snus seems to have more of a salt presence than most other snuses, but I don’t mind that as I feel it contributes to the sea-like quality of the snus. The nicotine feels to be about regular strength, and I’ve found the flavor to last about an hour.

I really enjoyed this snus.  If it were a regular addition to the Lundgren's line, I would definitely buy more!