03 October 2017

G4 Blue Blizzard (All White) Extra Strong - Preview. 3 October 2017.

Back in May I reviewed G4 Blue Mint (All White) by Swedish Match. Now, 4 months later, it looks like Swedish Match is releasing another one - G4 Blue Blizzard (All White) Extra Strong! The product description for this one says, "G.4 Slim BLIZZARD All White Strong Portion has a mint flavor with peppermint flavors that give a cool effect. A whole white portion of the slim format that is whitened white before, during and after use. The portion's moisture and nicotine can be compared to a traditional white-sized snus. The snus's white-white appearance is possible thanks to a combination of fiber and a smaller proportion of bleached tobacco."  In case you missed my G4 Blue Mint review, these new G4 products are a lot like Epok.  You can check out my G4 Blue Mint (All White) review for more details on the product itself.  I still haven't seen them for sale online to the US yet, and it seems like they're focusing on Norway with these products. The Blue Mint G4 is available on the Swedish Match Webstore if you're in Sweden, but this product isn't yet. I've only seen this one on Snus.com and Snuslageret.no.  I'm working on trying to find some, so look for a review to come soon!

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