20 October 2017

Compartmented/Divided Snus Accessory Can - 20 October 2017.

For years, I've wanted a snus can accessory that had a divider in it so I could carry a variety of snus with me, but not a bunch of cans. I go to concerts often, and the last thing I want is a pocket full of snus cans. However, I still want to have a variety of snus available to me! Well, thanks to my friend Kiley who runs Retro Future Restorations, I have a solution. I sent him one of my Icetool accessory cans and he made me an insert for it!  After that, we got to talking and realized this is something that currently doesn't exist on the market today.  I've pitched the idea to Icetool in the past, but they didn't seem too interested in making a divided can!  So, we are going to look into making them ourselves.  It will not be metal, but will more than likely be a waterproof can with a Delrin insert machined into the can, and will have 3-4 compartments in it.  We're leaning towards 4. So, right now we are experimenting with the idea, but if anyone is interested in that kind of thing, let me know!  We're trying to gather feedback to see what the demand is for a divided snus can.

Here's the full video I did earlier today on this can, along with the ideas for the divided snus can.  Please comment on this post, or on the video below if you're interested.  Or, you can just email me - Snubie.com@gmail.com.  


  1. Hey Snubie, I sent you an email with more detail but I think you should push forward on this!

  2. I'd be interested if it was made in a way that one of the compartments could be filled with lös. I'd imagine this would probably be possible in all of the compartments anyways.