22 September 2017

Göteborg's Rapé (Chew Bags) - Preview. 22 September 2017.

Our friend @mortenwickers of V2 Tobacco posted this photo today on Instagram with the description "new chewing tobacco made in Denmark".  This is very interesting.  It looks like these were possibly made at the V2 Tobacco factory that Swedish Match just purchased.  There's a Göteborg's Rapé Slim White Dry and Göteborg's Rapé Large White Dry.  As I said before, this may be part of the reason Swedish Match purchased the V2 factory: they were already making chew bags and they have been doing great at distribution. Swedish Match has been making chew bags under the General brand such as General Cut Original, General Cut Ice, General Chew Bags (Original), General Chew Bags (Mint), General Chewing Tobacco (Long Cut). Now it appears as though they will be pushing more of their brands into the chewing tobacco category!  As GR is a favorite of mine, I can't wait to try this.  I'm interested to see how the flavor translates to the white dry category!

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