13 June 2017

ALTid - Reviews. 10 June 2017.

It seems like the nicotine pouch format is gaining popularity. We've seen more of these products coming onto the market for people who want to consume nicotine, but may not be fans of consuming tobacco. In the past I've reviewed Zyn NT, and ON! Nicotine Pouches, two products that allow the user to enjoy nicotine but without using tobacco. Today we're going to be talking about ALTid, a new product line which appears to be marketed for the vaping community. Their website describes them by saying "Intelligently Designed nicotine products for the future! The altid family of tobacco-less, spit-less nicotine pouches have been designed to be used as an alternate to other Nicotine products when discretion is key. altid is unique in the fact that you can control the speed in which the nicotine is released with a few, light chews on the pouch, anytime you feel the need for an added boost! altid can be used whenever and wherever you are!"

You may be asking yourself, "What is this ALTid Stuff?" ALTid uses nicotine extracted from tobacco. There is no tobacco in the product at all. The flavorings are a blend of natural and artificial flavors, and are combined with nicotine, a proprietary base, and a sugar free sweeter that is used commonly in gum. The nicotine in ALTid releases slow over a 60+ minute time frame. The pouches can be lightly bitten a few times to release the nicotine faster. You can do this ever 5 minutes for up to 65 minutes and you’ll feel the nicotine each time.  ALTid comes in three levels: Level 1 - 2mg/pouch (Snus equivalent, 6mg/g). Level 2 - 4mg/pouch (Snus equivalent, 12mg/g). Level 3 - 7mg/pouch (Snus equivalent, 21mg/g).  The material inside the pouch looks to be similar to a coarse salt.  The cans are small in size and fit quite well into your pocket.  The cans also have a small compartment on the back for discarding of your used pouches if you're somewhere without a trash can!

The can weighs 7.2 grams with 20 portions weighing 0.36 grams per portion. I found the portions to be small and discrete with a soft portion material. They’re softer in the lip than purified products I’ve had in the past. As the pouches get more moist, they get more soft in the lip! The level 2 nicotine feels to be comparable to regular strength Swedish Snus, whereas the level 3 feels to be stronger. I found these products to have a solid nicotine kick, but a steady delivery, which is quite enjoyable.

ALTid Citrus Mint

The flavor description says ALTid Citrus Mint "has the taste of sunshine and briskness in every pouch! sweet flavors of oranges, limes and lemons are mixed with a hint of refreshing, brisk mint! We're certain that once you try a pouch of altid® citrus mint it will become a permanent part of your daily rotation!"  I was nervous going into this one. In the past, anytime I’ve had a snus that blended citrus and mint I wasn’t too impressed with the results. However, I found the taste profile of this one to be much better than what I’d had in these past. When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a very fresh smell of orange. It reminds me of the smell when you cut into a fresh orange. In the mouth you get a mild cooling sensation which is quite pleasant. The flavor is a nice, fresh taste of orange with a very mild hint of mint in the background. I found the mint to not be too intrusive, and it actually complimented the orange taste. With this one I’ve found I can enjoy the flavor for up to the 45 minute mark.

ALTid Dragonfruit

The flavor description says ALTid Dragon Fruit is their "take on an exotic fruit popular in Asia! Watermelon, sweet red berries and a hint of Cotton Candy flavors mix to create a one-of-a-kind taste that is truely unique! We're confident that if you like sweet, fruity flavors, altid® dragonfruit will be your favorite!"  This one was my favorite of the four products. I absolutely loved this flavor. When you open the can, the aroma is a fruity, tropical smell. It reminded me of cherry Chapstick and Redbull. I know, that sounds weird, but trust me - it works. The taste is a nice, tropical, fruity taste. It reminds me of cherry and melon. It’s fruity, but not overly sweet. It’s a pleasant flavor! The taste lasts a good amount of time; I’ve found I can enjoy these for up to 45 minutes!

ALTid Ice Mint

The flavor description says ALTid Ice Mint "has an extreme, icy cool mint flavor. We've taken the clean, crisp flavor of pure mint to the extreme and added bit of sweetness to create a mint flavor that's brisk and refreshing! We're confident that altid® ice mint will become your go-to flavor for any occasion!"  When you open the can of ALTid Ice Mint the aroma that comes through is a mild, fresh mint aroma. It’s pleasant, and not too sweet. When you put a pouch in your lip you’ll encounter a nice, refreshing cooling sensation that lasts a good amount of time. The flavor is a light, airy taste of mint with a mild touch of sweetness. When it comes to the flavor, I’ve found I can enjoy these for up to 45 minutes!

ALTid Wintergreen

The flavor description says ALTid Wintergreen takes "the taste of traditional Wintergreen to a whole new level! The clean, refreshing taste is perfectly mixed with a light sweetness and slight tingle in the lip. This creates a unique, one of a kind flavor we're sure you'll enjoy!"  When you open a can of ALTid Wintergreen, the aroma is a mild, pleasant wintergreen aroma. I’m personally not a big fan of wintergreen, but I’ve found their approach to these flavor to be something that even I can enjoy. The flavor is a light, mild, gentle taste of wintergreen. It’s not “in your face” wintergreen like with American “dip”/moist snuff. The taste also lasts a good amount of time; I’ve found I can enjoy these for up to 45 minutes.

If you're a nicotine user but don't want to consume tobacco, I definitely suggest giving these a try!

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