General G.4 (All White) Blue Mint - Review (Discontinued). 22 May 2017.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

This snus has become somewhat of a favorite of mine over the past several months.   I generally use mint snus at night after I brush my teeth, and it's usually what I sleep with in my lip at night.  However, I got tired of stains on the pillowcases.  I tried nicotine pouches, and they just didn't feel right.  I tried these, because they have white tobacco in them, and I found these felt right and had that "snus feeling" in the lip, but with the "all white" experience.  This has become a night time favorite of mine, and a regular in my rotation over the past few months.  The flavor description for this one says, "A mellow and spicy character with distinct notes of peppermint along with hints of spearmint and vanilla."  Each can weighs 19.2g and has 24 portions, for 0.8g portions.  The nicotine strength is 12mg/g (1.2%), or 9.6mg/portion.

If you're not familiar with G.4, here's a shot of an open G4 pouch and the material inside.  This is how Swedish Match describes the G.4 line:  "G.4 is the fourth generation of snus from General and the latest step we have taken in the development of the snus of the future.  Snus users are increasingly demanding whiter products, but do not want to give up the traditional snus experience. Thanks to new technology, we have been able to produce completely white portions, with the same type consistency and feel as traditional snus in the white format, but without any trace of tobacco taste.  Due to a composition of plant fiber and a small proportion of white tobacco, G.4 is an all-white snus before, during and after use."

When you open the can, a smooth, mild aroma of peppermint greets you.  It's not super in your face, and it's not overly sweet either, which is nice.  The portions are slim, and comfortable under the lip.  They're a little dryer than a white portion, but a little more moist than an original portion.  When you put one in, you'll encounter a cooling presence under the lip.  The flavor is pretty mild and gentle in nature.  It's a smooth taste of peppermint with a light sweetness.  I don't notice any spearmint or vanilla in the flavor, though.  In terms of the nicotine strength, it feels to be around the regular strength level, maybe a little higher.  The flavor, on average, tends to last about 45-55 minutes.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I gave this one a 3.75 out of 5.  That may sound low, but that's pretty high for a mint snus.  There's so many out there, and few of them get this high of a rating for me.  I really enjoy it, and it's one that I use every night (lately), and has stuck around in my rotation.  I like that it's an all white, and that it seems to have more body to it than a nicotine pouch.  If you want a cleaner snus experience and like mint, this is one to check out!


  1. Once again in a country where snus isn't mainstream, I feel some discomfort on carrying small pouches of white powder...
    Thanks for the review

  2. I like this one, good flavor and ample nicotine, with very comfy pouches. I have tried G3 Blue Mint also and I like the portion size and comfort, but the flavor is not nearly as smooth as G4.

    I am curious about the engineered tobacco. If it's processed to the point of being white, then would it not be free of the carcinogens of regular tobacco? Curious.

    Thanks Chad.


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